Kleen Concepts’  Warehousing and Inventory Management Solutions allow closely monitored customer products, optimized inbound and outbound deliveries, Streamlined production times, and significantly reduced storage and inventory requirements.

Warehousing – Offering a total of 500,000 square feet at different locations, various options exist for expansion as our customers’ needs increase. Facilities incorporate pallet racking, flow bins and picking shelves for efficiency in all fulfillment services.

 – Kleen Concepts can serve as the central receiving site for all materials when assembling products. Quantities and receiving information are entered into the inventory system for instant viewing through our intranet.

Inventory Control & Management  – 
Inventory control procedures and reports are customized to meet customer specifications and needs. A proven inventory process, including cycle counts, is implemented to ensure accurate reporting.

Product Maintenance
 – Raw materials and finished goods are given a part number and product description upon receipt. Kleen Concepts has developed customized management tools to aid in report analysis, printing of pack slips, and organizing inventories. These tools allow for complete product management.

Shipping and Logistics – Kleen Concepts utilizes leading-edge technology combined with proven processes and experienced logistics experts to support customers’ transportation requirements. Kleen Concepts differentiates itself by developing and integrating customized technology solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. From simple routing and scheduling to electronic signature capture, real-time visibility and chain of custody controls, Kleen Concepts provides an optimized supply chain to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.