Product and project specifications are the foundation of the manufacturing process. These are established through close communication with our clients. Kleen Concepts partners with world-class manufacturers to ensure that all raw goods meet or exceed the specifications of our customers and industry accepted standards.

Statistical Process Control Programs

Kleen Concepts creates a unique Statistical Process Control Program for each product that we manufacture. Statistical analysis of quantifiable data generated during the manufacturing process validates actual product quality versus the outlined specifications and all applicable international standards, AQL Standards and ASTM Standards.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Kleen Concepts’ overall Quality Management System (QMS) closely mirrors ISO 9000. We have adapted and adopted specific aspects and processes that are applicable to our operations and facilities. These ongoing quality initiatives are tailored to evaluate performance, take corrective action where necessary and continuously improve Standard Operating Procedures. The Quality Management System includes:

  • Incoming Raw Goods Inspections according to AQL Standards
  • Outbound Finished Goods Inspections according to AQL Standards
  • In-Production testing according to the Statistical Process Control Program and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 testing for physical attributes of raw goods
  • Documentation and statistical analysis of all test data
  • Visual inspections at multiple stages during production
  • Utilization of automated equipment such as infrared and laser level and scale size tools, automated weighing stations and counting scales
  • Ongoing training of production personnel
  • Customer feedback, testing and product evaluation